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Welcome to the Math Connection

Math Connection last day of services will be on Thursday, May 3rd at 9:00pm, due to Summer Break. It will resume services on Monday, August 27th.

Math Connection + You = College Ready

The Math Connection brings university support to New Mexico high school students. Our goal is to help students prepare for college by providing free academic support. We hope to contribute to changing the culture of incoming students, to create a population of students who are less math-adverse and more likely to ask for assistance when needed.


Why get involved?

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You have goals and dreams that college will help you achieve. Entering college is a big transition from high school. We believe that college success is attainable, and we want to connect New Mexico High School students with the resources they need to be best prepared for college. Our mentors and tutors will connect you to math learning strategies and provide tutoring to help you achieve your goals.


Our goals:

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  • Improve the college-readiness of students entering the University of New Mexico.
  • Connect students to academic and extracurricular resources.
  • Create cohorts of students entering UNM who are familiar with finding and using student-support resources at UNM.


Connect with our Services:

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