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Program Details

UNM is partnering with APS and other high school academic support programs such as Avid, Enlace, and Gear Up to provide high quality math support for high school students in New Mexico. By exposing students to a network of support in high school, we hope to see more students come to college feeling less adverse to math and more willing to utilize support services.

This fall, students in your class have the ability to utilize math tutors from the UNM Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS) to get help with their math homework. We are offering both online and in-person hours, making this service accessible to as many students as possible. You can help by referring students to the Math Connection program as a resource for when they do their homework.

The best part of the Math Connection is that we care about deep learning and utilize the same pedagogy for high school students as we do for our college student population. This means that when your students work with a Math Connection Tutor, we won't give them the answer to their questions, but will rather work with them through the process to ensure that they can solve the original problem as well as other similar problems on their own.